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Protection, intubation and chest CT scan equipment

Surgical gowns

For the medical profession fighting the COVID-19, protection is essential.
Vygon gowns are available in several models and sizes.

  • 00432907 – Examination Surgical Gown (One size fits all)
  • 00432916 – Standard Surgical Gown (L)
  • 00432917 – Standard Surgical Gown (XL)
  • 00432918 – Standard Surgical Gown (XXL)
  • 00432926 – Reinforced Surgical Gown (L)
  • 00432927 – Reinforced Surgical Gown (XL)
  • 00432928 – Reinforced Surgical Gown (XXL)
  • 00432937 – Standard Surgical Gown + Integral Mask + Thumb Loop (XL)
  • 00432947 – Reinforced Surgical Gown + Integral Mask + Thumb Loop (XL)
  • 00432948 – Reinforced Surgical Gown + Integral Mask + Thumb Loop (XXL)


Magill forceps

For some patients with COVID-19, intubation is necessary. Magill forceps facilitate the insertion and placement of intubation tube.

  • 721101 – Pediatric Magill forceps – 17 cm
  • 721102 – Magill forceps for children – 20 cm
  • 721103 – Magill forceps for adults – 25 cm


Accutron CT-D: injector for chest CT scan

Chest CT scan with contrast injection is used in the follow-up of some patients with

severe forms of COVID-19.
“Chest CT scan, with or without injection, is indicated in the follow-up phase in the event of aggravation secondary symptoms or in

resuscitation (assessment of the extension of pneumopathy, progression to acute respiratory distress, risk of thromboembolic complication,

appearance of a ventilated pneumothorax, etc.)”.
Source HAS – Rapid Responses for COVID-19 – Chest CT scan indications – 08/04/2020
Source HAS – Réponses rapides dans le cadre du COVID-19 – Indications du scanner thoracique – 08/04/2020

Characteristics of the Accutron CT-D injector:

  • Double head scanner injector
  • Ergonomic, cordless, battery-powered device with roller holder
  • Wireless communication with control modules
  • No installation and commissioning constraints
  • Quick and intuitive handling and use


In this sensitive period due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), the health and safety of Vygon’s employees, as well as all of the stakeholders carrying out our activities, is a top priority for us.
Vygon’s goal is to ensure everyone’s protection, whilst maintaining the best levels of service and quick response to our customer’s needs.

As we are acutely aware of our role in the chain of care, we have taken steps to optimize order management.

Recurring scheduled orders will be delivered as usual: we have planned all necessary stock. Exceptional orders (urgent or consisting of very large quantities) are being analyzed in order to best distribute stock amongst all of our customers. As a result, some orders may be fragmented, for the sake of stock control and solidarity. We thank you for your continued support and understanding.

Whilst protecting all of our customers, we will continue to help those who are on the front line fighting this virus: doctors, nurses, all caregivers and, of course, your patients, as we have always done.