CPAP+ with noise reducer

Code produit: V08776605

C.P.A.P.: Continuous Positive Airway Pressure.
Boussignac CPAP is  a device providing continuous positive airway pressure.

Boussignac CPAP is a respiratory assistance device for patients with spontaneous ventilation allowing maintenance in the airways of a pressure greater than atmospheric pressure during the entire respiratory cycle. 

The C.P.A.P. mode of ventilation allows:
  • To avoid intubation and mechanical ventilation and associated complications (prolonged hospitalization, infections, etc.)
  • To allow a safe extubation postoperatively for patients at risk of hypoxemia and thus avoid mechanical ventilation and associated complications
  • To contribute to the benefit of weaning from mechanical ventilation and avoid associated complications

The CPAP+ set includes:
  • 1 Boussignac CPAP which can be connected to a face mask with its 22mm male connector, the crenellated upper part remaining open to atmospheric air, with an extension tube (200cm) and a manometer connector.
  • 1 noise reduction device (code 5558.91).
  • 1 facial mask with an integrated harness (3 sizes available):
. “Adult-small size” (yellow - code V08776605),
. “Adult-medium size” (green - code V08776613),
. “Adult-large size” (blue - code V08776607).

Features of the device:
This device comprises 2 lateral ports:
  • the upper port is preconnnected to an extension tube (length 200cm) for connection to an oxygen (or air) source,
  • the bottom port (colourless translucent) allows controlling pressure (use manometer code 527.01),
  • A connection system preventing any risk of misconnection,
  • A "star" shaped tube for oxygen delivery reducing the risk of kinking and the discontinuation of oxygen supply.

How it works: 
The gases administered to the patient (air, air-oxygen mixture or pure oxygen) pass through the extension tube and arrive in a circular chamber where the gases can only escape into the central zone passing through 4 micro-channels. At that moment, the injection speed of the gases is greatly increased. Deflectors at the exit site of the micro-channels eject the gases arriving at high speed towards the opposite wall. The collision of gas molecules between themselves generates a turbulence which creates a virtual valve and simultaneously the speed of gases is transformed in pressure. This pressure depends directly on the flowrate: if the flowrate (the amount of gas injected) is increased, the pressure will increase; if the flowrate is decreased, the pressure will decrease.

  • Contains Latex: No
  • Contains DEHP: No
  • Contains biogical or animal-based product: No

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