SEESITE pressure injectable implantable port kit

Code produit: 2005SEE

SEESITE venous implantable port kit with micro port, pressure injectable, high flow rate and peelable introducer (5Fr).

Two types of venous implantable port kit existing:
  • Port with catheter to connect in silicone (code VPE2005SEE) 
  • Port with pre-connected catheter in silicone (code VPE2105SEE) 

Each SEESITE placement kit contains:

1) A pouch containing:
  • One titanium and POM (polyoxymethylene) Micro port with a silicone septum, silicone septum, silicone filled suture holes and radiopaque marking,
  • One XRO silicone catheter. Graduation every cm with a numbered marking every 5cm from 5 to 40cm,
  • Two connection rings (only one for pre-connected references) with a Phynox thread containing nickel,
  • One straight Huber needle (22G),
  • One PPS CT safety Huber needle with connecting line, compatible with contrast media injection during scan procedures – 22G – 20mm,
  • One vein pick,
  • One flushing connector (for non-pre-connected references), pre-connected to the catheter,
  • One introducer with peelable sheath,
  • One metallic guidewire “J” type graduated every 10cm with J straightener (0.018’’ – 40 cm),
  • One echogenic introducer needle, 38mm usable length – 20G,
  • One tunneler Ø 2.0mm – Length: 18cm,
  • One 10ml syringe,
  • One Raulerson metallic guidewire introducer.

2) A CIV-FLEX Echoset containing:
  • One latex-free echo-guidance probe sheath,
  • One sterile ultrasound gel pouch,
  • Two supporting elastic straps for the protective cover,
  • One sterile drape.

  Code Implantable port Prim. vol.
Catheter Ext. Ø
Catheter Material Catheter Connection Introducer Diameter
2005SEE 0.2 0.65 x 1.65 Silicone To connect 5
  Implantable port Catheter Introducer
Code Prim. vol.
Ext. Ø
Material Connection Diameter
2005SEE 0.2 0.65 x 1.65 Silicone To connect 5
  • Contains Latex: No
  • Contains DEHP: No
  • Contains biogical or animal-based product: No