Code produit: 7227.101

Qimopump is a multiple-way connector fitted with Qimofemale ports which is used with IV administration sets (for pumps or gravity administration).
Qimopump has a spike with an airventing port fitted with a cap and can have one, two or four lateral ports fitted with Qimofemale connectors.
The distal end of Qimopump is compatible with the spike of IV infusion bags.

Code 7227.101: Qimopump 2V - Qimopump with one lateral port fitted with a Qimofemale connector.Code 7227.201: Qimopump 3V - Qimopump with two lateral ports fitted with a Qimofemale connector.Code 7227.401: Qimopump 5V - Qimopump with four lateral ports fitted with a Qimofemale connector.

Qimofemale is a multi-purpose, closed, needle-free, connection device. 

PE lined PVC tubing.
The tube is made of 3 layers. The outer layer is in PVC, the inner layer is in Polyethylene without additives, material presenting a high chemical inertness and the intermediate layer is Ethyl Vinyl Acetate, material linking the inner and the outer layers.
This structure allows to minimize interaction with drugs and leaching of plasticizers from the PVC into the administered solutions.

  • Contains Latex: No
  • Contains DEHP: No
  • Contains biogical or animal-based product: No
  • Non-pyrogenic: Yes

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