Qimoharpoon S / Qimoharpoon

Code produit: 7213.01

Qimoharpoon is a device designed for the reconstitution and withdrawal of high-risk medications. With Qimoharpoon, it is possible to dissolve powdered drugs or lyophilisates and to repeatedly withdraw drugs with a syringe from the same vial/bottle.
Qimoharpoon is a needle-free device with a metallic tube (acting as air-intake device) connected to a balloon (50 cc volume). The function of the balloon is to prevent the emission of toxic vapour from the vial and to allow injection and drug aspiration while equalizing pressure in a closed system.

Qimoharpoon is made of:
  • a harpoon-shaped spike which perforates the vial/bottle stopper and which cannot be removed from the vial. An opening is located on the harpoon which facilitates injection of the fluid for reconstitution and allows the drawing-up of the final reconstituted solution. From this opening the very last drops of drug can be drawn-up by pulling delicately until the harpoon stops against the cap of the vial.
  • a mobile metallic tubing, acting as an air-intake device connected to a balloon filled with sterile air. When this metallic tube is pushed to the bottom of the vial*, the pressure will be equalized and the toxic vapours confined within the balloon.
  • a tight protective cover between the base of the spike and the neck of the vial to avoid any contamination with fluids which could leak from the cap of the vial.
  • a Qimofemale port, needle-free device, multi-purpose, closed IV connector. Qimofemale can be accessed with any male Luer or Luer-lock syringe or with the Luer bayonet end of Qimomale.

Qimofemale: see technical file code 7210.02.
Qimomale: see technical file code 7210.91.
Code 7213.02: Qimoharpoon - Adapted for vials with a maximum height of 9 cm.
Code 7213.01: Qimoharpoon S - Adapted for vials with a maximum height of 6 cm.

*To understand exactly how the device works, please read the instructions for use supplied in the box.