Code produit: 7210.02

Qimofemale is a multi-purpose, closed, needle-free, I.V. connection device for blood sampling, intermittent injections or continuous infusions of fluids or drugs. Qimofemale has a very easily disinfectable membrane (disinfection must be carried out before and after use) which closes automatically when the infusion line or the syringe is disconnected.

At the distal end, Qimofemale has a male Luer-lock connection allowing it to be connected to a venous catheter or an I.V. accessory with a female Luer-lock hub (intravenous catheter, extension tube, Huber needle for infusion in an implantable port, stopcock, ramp of stopcocks, spike ...).
At the proximal end, Qimofemale has a female Luer-lock end, closed thanks to a membrane in polyisoprene.
When a venous catheter or an I.V. accessory is fitted with a Qimofemale, Qimofemale can be connected onto:
  • the Luer bayonet of Qimomale (mounted on a syringe, an extension tube or an infusion set),
  • a male Luer-lock end (or Luer Slip) of a syringe or an extension tube.

When a Qimomale or a male Luer end is connected onto Qimofemale, the membrane in polyisoprene moves thanks to a metallic spring and opens an internal conduit allowing the injection, infusion, sampling.
When the device is disconnected, the spring pushes back the membrane and automatically closes the device.

Note: for the users who know Vygon Bionector, please note that Qimofemale is in fact a Bionector. The difference lies in the ring with notches allowing to receive the lugs of Qimomale. Otherwise Qimofemale works like a Bionector.

Qimofemale is resistant to lipid emulsions and antiseptics. 

Qimofemale is approved for use with power injectors (CT-scan).

Maximum pressure resistance: 350 psi (24 bars).
To inject contrast medium products (Visiopaque 320mg iodine/ml), the flow rate has been measured as such:
35 psi (2.4 bars): > 5ml/s
145 psi (10 bars): > 10ml/s

Replacement frequency: < 360 connections or 7 days
Priming volume: 0.03ml 
Flow rate: 105ml/min