Qimoconnect filter

Code produit: 7221.011

Qimoconnect is an extension tube with Qimofemale and Qimomale ports for pharmacy drugs dilution and administration, with or without filter.

Qimoconnect includes the following components:
  • 1 spike,
  • 1 Qimofemale needleless connector,
  • 1 extension tube with clamp,
  • 1 Qimomale needleless connector which must be attached to the distal end of the extension tube after priming of Qimoconnect,
  • with or without filter ( see hereunder).

PE-lined tubing with external layer in PVC, intermediate layer in EVA and internal layer in PE (featuring chemical inertia and good chemical inertness to medications).

Codes 7221.01 / 7221.020*: Qimoconnect
Codes 7221.011 / 7221.0110*: Qimoconnect filter (0.2µm)

Qimofemale is a multi-purpose, closed, needle-free, connection device. 

Qimomale is a multi-purpose, closed, needle-free, I.V. connection device which has been designed for the preparation and safe administration of hazardous drugs. 

Codes 7221.01 / 7221.011: 1 unit in a supple blister.
Code 7221.020 / 7221.0110: 10 units in a blister / 100 units in a box / 600 units in a case.

* Codes 7221.020 / 7221.0110 are supplied without Qimomale.

  • Contains Latex: No
  • Contains DEHP: No
  • Contains biogical or animal-based product: No
  • Non-pyrogenic: Yes

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