Code produit: 7219.01

Needleless vial access cap for small vial cap 14mm (codes 7219.01/010) or large vial cap 20mm (codes 7219.02/020) with plastic spike.
After perforation of the cap of the vial, Qimofemale will avoid the contamination of the drug and will allow multiple vial accesses for drug sampling with a syringe after disinfection of the membrane of Qimofemale.

Qimofemale is a multi-purpose, closed, needle-free, I.V. connection device. 

Codes 7219.01/02: Qimocap - 1 unit in a supple blister
Codes 7219.010/020: Set of 25 Qimocap
- Code 7219.010: 25 units in a supple blister / 100 units in a box / 1 800 units in a case
- Code 7219.020: 25 units in a supple blister / 100 units  in a box / 1 200 units  in a case