Polythese® IC-3GL

Code produit: PT3GL020015

  • Wide range of grafts designed for aortic root surgery.
  • Equidistant longitudinal guide lines, at 120° angles.

Features & benefits:
Dimensional stability
  • Good resistance to circumferential dilatation (1)

Patented technology of impregnation (collagen cxe®)
  • Formaldehyde and Glutaraldehyde Free (2)

External velvet-like surface: support for neighbour tissues attachment and periprosthetic encapsulation

Smooth and texturized endoluminal wall: support for pseudo-intimal cells ingrowth

(1) Rapport RRD-0101-01 rev00 - 29/10/2012.
(2) LNE certificate n°F014288 (2005): analysis of Perouse Grafts: formaldehyde free and glutaraldehyde free.