Code produit: 37.09.14

Code 37.09.14: Neo-HeLP SMALL - For newborns < 1 kg - Dimensions: 30 x 38 cm
Code 37.09.15: Neo-HeLP MEDIUM - For newborns between 1 kg and 2.5 kg - Dimensions: 38 x 44 cm
Code 37.09.16: Neo-HeLP LARGE - For newborns > 2.5 kg - Dimensions: 38 x 50 cm

Neo-HeLP is a polyethylene occlusive suit to prevent hypothermia of newborns.
This is a sterile suit in which the baby is placed immediately after birth without drying (before being admitted to the ICU).
Heat loss due to environmental factors (evaporation, convection, conduction and radiation) is limited.

Neo-HeLP consists of:
  • a double layer of polyethylene (external layer: 50 microns, internal layer: 30 microns) which protects from drafts. The heat loss through radiation, convection and evaporation is limited.
  • a hood which limits the dispersion of heat by the head. Adjustable to the infant's head, it does not let the air in.
  • a pre-formed foam which helps to keep the baby's airway open and provides a barrier against heat loss by conduction, while maintaining his position and offering comfort to the baby.

Neo-HELP is an ingenious pouch completely transparent, to monitor the color of the newborn's skin and breath movements, and easy to use with direct access to the baby through the open / closed central opening.

Neo-HELP is suitable for all situations (delivery room, place of resuscitation, emergency, operating room, transport ...) and all users.

It is recommended not to use Neo-HeLP for more than 24 hours. In general, Neo-HeLP is used for a maximum of two hours after birth or in accordance with established clinical protocol.

  • Contains Latex: No
  • Contains DEHP: No
  • Contains biogical or animal-based product: No

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