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Dual valve for thoracic drainage

Code produit: 668.00

Double-chamber valve for thoracic drainage.

Valve body in flexible and transparent polyurethane with flat natural rubber sleeve acting as a non-return valve. 
Note: This flat rubber sleeve never comes in direct or indirect contact with the patient or the user. Any allergic risk due to the presence of rubber can be excluded.

This device is connected directly onto the patient’s pleural or thoracic drain (adult, paediatric), or indirectly, using connector code 800.01 and an extension tube for neonates and infants. 
This product allows thoracic drainage to continue without risk to the patient even when transported, as the non-return valve means that the drain does not have to be clamped. 

Code 668.00: this two chamber device differs from the single valve code 669.10 in that it is possible to apply suction by manual compression of the compartment marked with an arrow (vacuum approximately 150 mbar). 

  • Contains Latex: Yes
  • Contains DEHP: No
  • Contains biogical or animal-based product: No