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OxyNov FreeO2

Code produit: FO2-110-00

FreeO2 is an automated oxygen delivery device that monitors respiratory parameters in spontaneously breathing patients and automatically adjusts administered oxygen flow to patient's needs using a closed-loop algorithm.

Therapy Target Hospital Departments: Emergency, Recovery Room, Post-Surgery, Anaesthesia, Interventional cardiology and Pneumology.

FreeO2 is an automated oxygen regulator intended to be: 
  • Operated by trained personnel.
  • Used under the direction of a physician in a clinical setting.
  • Used to titrate the oxygen flow.
  • Used to maintain a target SpO2 level, set by clinicians, for spontaneously breathing patients older than 1 month.

Patient population: Spontaneously breathing children to adult patients. 

A FreeO2 device should always include the following standard accessories:  
  • User Manual – Language (code VAVFO2-OMP-XX) 
  • VESA* mounting plates kit (code VAVACC-0001)
  • Oxygen Hose, 3m country specific (code VAVHOS-XXXXX) 
  • AC/DC main adaptor 24V 30W + 3m power cord (code VAVACCME30A2403)
  • FreeO2 outlet tubing nipple 9/16" (code VAVACC-11535)

*Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) defines standards for mounting interfaces on monitors.