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Vygon Values Life with World Cancer Day


Every February 4th, Vygon contributes to the fight against cancer and values life by participating in World Cancer Day!

What is World Cancer Day?

World Cancer Day every 4 February is a global uniting initiative led by the Union International Cancer Control (UICC). It is dedicated to reducing the global cancer burden, promoting greater equity, and integrating cancer control into the world health and development agenda.

Every year, hundreds of events and activities are held around the world.


How does Vygon support cancer patients and caregivers ?

Vygon develops innovative solutions in partnership with specialists such as anaesthesiologists, surgeons, and nurses. Our product portfolio includes implantable ports, central venous catheters, safety huber needles, Qimono Closed System Transfer Devices…

What are the highlights of World Cancer Day 2023 ?

This year, Vygon’s objective was to support Oncology healthcare workers around the world as they are facing many difficulties; they are indeed often understaffed and experiencing a lot of stress in their daily work ue to their huge workloads.

In 2022, we have partnered with Sofrocay, an International Caycedian Sophrology Institution, to develop a 10 sessions Sophrology program for Oncology healthcare workers. The Gustave Roussy Cancer Institute in Paris (IGR) was the first hospital to benefit from this partnership as 20 healthcare professionals in total participated in the program.

We are happy to announce that in 2023, this program will be deployed in other hospitals in France and Spain. We believe that this will allow more healthcare workers to benefit from the reduction of stress and the improvement of sleep and well-being through various Sophrology techniques.

A conference was organized to share testimonials from IGR professionals about the benefits of Sophrology and how it has helped them in their personal and professional lives. Moreover, a medical oncologist was present to raise awareness about the risks of cancer and explain how to prevent it.

On an international level, Vygon employees and commercial partners around the globe were also committed to the fight against cancer. They organized many local actions:

  • Workshops and cancer awareness programs in hospitals;
  • PICC-Port training to share knowledge with healthcare workers;
  • Races and games that generated a donation of €2140 Euros to the UICC;
  • Hospital visits with a distribution of goodies, kits and baskets;
  • Social media campaigns to raise awareness online.

Vygon believes that it is a necessity and a responsibility as a corporation and as individuals to support healthcare workers and cancer patients and raise awareness about the obstacles they face. In fact, the company’s motto “Values Life” reflects its DNA: putting humans first.