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Vygon supports the association SOS Préma

What is SOS Préma?

SOS Préma is the French parental association that fights for:

  • support to the families who live this “accident of life” that is to have a premature child.
  • ensuring that every premature child has the best chance of growing up well in France.
  • bringing the voice of families to the public authorities and defend their rights.

SOS Préma works closely with the care teams to make these objectives a reality.

Why is Vygon committed to SOS Préma?

Vygon’s neonatalogy activity has been going on for more than 40 years, creating high technology single-use medical devices in close collaboration with the healthcare teams.
SOS Préma’s actions are in line with Vygon’s objective to help healthcare professionals to provide the best care for premature patients.

Providing the best start in life for these babies is a daily and collaborative challenge.

What are the joint actions planned for 2021?

  • Caregivers’ Days (exceptionally in May 2021, instead of January)
    • These days are organised for all carers specialising in the field of prematurity. Most of them include testimonies from parents of premature babies. This sharing of experiences helps caregivers to gain a better understanding of how to improve the care of premature babies. Vygon will actively participate with a stand.
  • Race of the Heroes (June 2021)
    • This race, organised in four French cities and online, brings together 400 associations and 400 companies to collect donations for numerous causes. It is an opportunity to take part in a sporting and solidarity event to support the actions of SOS Préma throughout France. Vygon employees will be encouraged to take part in this challenge in 2021 alongside them.
  • World Prematurity Day (17 November 2021)
    • As every year since 2015, Vygon will celebrate the World Prematurity Day in France and around the world. This will be the opportunity to create even more events in France in partnership with SOS Préma.
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