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Vygon celebrated the World Prematurity Day!

The World Prematurity Day – on Nov. 17th – was the occasion to raise awareness and improve the treatment and care of all premature babies on an international scale. Backed by their experience in Neonatology, Vygon’s teams wore pink to commemorate the special day and successfully organised diverse activities in more than 20 countries for medical staff and parents. Lunch celebrations, photography contest, family programs, products information events and a choir performance by grown-up preterm children were arranged. Many media reported about the events.

Many thanks to all for your involvement and support!


More details in the listed events below:

• Malaysia

  •  Lunch Celebration, more than 200 attendees (premature babies, together with their parents, neonatologists and nurses)
  • Fun activities for the children: face painting, cake cutting, magic shows by a clown, goodie bags with toys, best dress competition

• Indonesia

  • Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital: testimonies of medical staff about experience taking care for preterm babies. 

• Taiwan

  • Changhua Christian Hospital: Buffet lunch and seminar for the medical staff. 
  • National Taichung Theatre: The grown-up preterms sang at the party. 

• Mexico

  • Hospital Angeles León : Parents information
  • ISSSTE Tultitlán alta Especialidad 

• Benelux

  • Vygon teams present in 6 hospitals and in VVOC and VOC centers!
  • University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG), University Hospital Saint-Luc in Brussels, Hospital Center Régional De Namur and more

• United Arab Emirates

  • Mafraq hospital
  • Sharjah University Hospital: cake have been cut by one of the Members from the Royal Family in UAE and also CEO of the Charity Organization (event displayed at some local newspapers and shown by 5 local channels).

• South Africa: Hospital in Cape-Town

  • Experience sharing: a Mommy’s experience
  • Conferences : Hearing impairment in Neonates by Prof. Claudine Storbeck & Understanding Cooling of the neonate by Dr Sehume

• Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Nigeria, Germany (Perinatal center Datteln), UK (Leicester Royal Infirmary), France (Hôpital des enfants Necker & CHU Bordeaux), Switzerland, Japan, Kuwait (article in the Kuwait news agency), Qatar and more.


We share the values of our partner and strive to offer innovative medical devices, designed for premature infants, in order to help healthcare professionals to give the best possible care. Within the World Prematurity Day event, an internal photography contest was launched and 28 photos entered the running.

The competition has been won by the Vygon UK team!