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Publication of the ISO 80369-3 standard and its adoption by Vygon

Published in July 2016, the ISO 80369-3 standard created a standardized safety enteral feeding connection, called ENFit™.

Vygon, willing to ensure the safety to every patient, is proud to launch from today a complete product range (extension tubes, syringes, feeding tubes and accessories) integrating the ISO 80369-3 connectors and named Nutrifit®.

However, as ENFitTM and the Low Dose Tip (LDT) syringes may result in inaccurate dosing errors particularly inacceptable in neonatology, Vygon decided to maintain on the neonatal market, Nutrisafe 2 range, which is compliant with ISO 80369-1 and offer an experience on the tiniest patients during more than 10 years.

In this way, Vygon offers now a complete safety enteral feeding product range, adapted for every patient, thanks to the following systems:

  • Nutrisafe2 (ISO 80369-1) for neonates and premature infants
  • Nutrifit® (ISO 80369-3) for children and adults

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