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Nutrisafe 2 is compliant with ISO 80369-1

ISO 80369 is an international series of standards created to define all kind of small-bore connectors for liquids and gases in the hospital, for the purpose of making nearly impossible to connect two unrelated delivery systems.


  • Part 1 of the ISO 80369 specifies the general requirements and test methods for assessing the non interconnectable characteristics of connectors within the ISO 80369.
  • Parts 2 to 7 of the ISO 80369 specify the design, dimensions and specific performance requirements of connectors used in different applications (respiratory, enteral, urology…).
  • Part 20 of the ISO 80369 specifies the general test methods for assessing the basic performance requirements for parts 2 to 7.

Dedicated to enteral nutrition, the third part of the ISO 80369 describes all the dimensions and drawings of the new proposed enteral standard connector, called ENFit™.

Although the connector is adapted to adults, its big size makes it not suitable for neonatal patients, who need accuracy in the administration of medication. Because of the concerns about the risk of volume displacement, VYGON choose to keep its 10-year experienced range for the neonatal patients: Nutrisafe2®.

Nutrisafe 2 is compliant with ISO 80369-1.

The design and dimensions of Nutrisafe2® were verified to prove that the risk of misconnection with the connectors used in the different applications within the ISO 80369 (RESPIRATORY, NEURAXIAL, IV….) is eliminated or significantly reduced to reach an acceptable level. Therefore, Nutrisafe2® prevents the risk of misconnection. While keeping its design, Nutrisafe2® has the advantage to be small, safe and accurate.

VYGON will provide a comprehensive ENFit™ range for adults and pediatrics: NutriFit®, which will be compliant with ISO 80369-3 and will continue to provide the best possible care and safety for neonatal patients through the Nutrisafe2® system.