The Vygon environmental policy

For many years, Vygon has followed a project of continuous improvement towards advancing environmental protection: the Vygon environmental policy.

This is a defined environmental policy which was recognized by the award of ISO 14 001 certification for Vygon’s principle production site in France


Environmental protection

Vygon is a company that creates, produces and markets single-use sterile medical and surgical products, but is very concerned about the environment. As a member of the community, Vygon, in all and each of its plants, is committed to manufacturing and sterilizing its products in ways which contribute to protecting the environment.


Protection principle

Environnement_ProtectionMeeting this challenge requires:

  • An efficient regulatory monitoring system that ensures full compliance with all current environmental regulation in the world and in every country Vygon is manufacturing.
  • Minimizing industrial effects on, and risks to, the environment with the aim of preventing accidents and contamination.
  • Improving waste management within the company by permanent education and information.
  • Having a  better perception of our energy consumption, so as to better keep it under control.
  • Raising awareness and providing training for employees.
  • Having open dialogue with concerned parties and the public, based on improved dissemination of information.

All these actions are carried out as part of a continuous improvement approach which we constantly re-examine.


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