Activités_AURVygonBearHistorical activity set up by Vygon in the early 60s, it is oriented to patient care within hospitals and health organizations.

At the outset, Vygon has been known as leading specialist in the vascular area and then after years of expertise, it became a major actor in respiratory, local anesthesia and pediatric areas.

Being chosen by healthcare professionals and carrying out solutions to meet their expectations, putting forward innovating concepts, Vygon is able to analyze and anticipate their concerns, thus suggesting adapted solutions and implementing them while training professionals as well.

Today more than ever, our projects are oriented to:

  • Struggle and fight against nosocomial infections,
  • Detect changes with specific pharmaceutical and economic surveys,
  • Show interest in healthcare challenges and simplify practices.


Activités_BOVygonOperating theatre

Completion of this activity  with integration of complementary and strategic products’ ranges and new materials.

This activity has been completed with integration of products’ ranges and new materials, such as single-use metallic devices, sets for pre-operation skin preparation, surgery drainage, coelioscopy, adhesive skin glue and composite tailor-made sets.

Vygon is offering its clients the choice of tailor-made sets, while assembling several medical and surgery devices in the same set. This development enables to each professional to have an easy access to materials and devices he may need, adapted to each intervention and each patient, it allows also improving hygiene conditions (respecting aseptic standards) while controlling costs.

Activités_DOMVygonHome care

Vygon products and ranges are adapted to home care.

Vygon has developed this activity by proposing packs ready-to-use and/or personalized. Each Vygon client may ask either existing packs and/or specific and personalized packs.

This strategy enables to make the medical tasks easier but also to improve security while controlling costs. This customership policy and reactivity to clients’ needs have both made of Vygon the global renowned company.