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Octopus 5 with Bionector

Code produit: 842.514

Octopus 5 with Bionector is a polyurethane, transparent, supple multi-lumen extension tube for central venous catheters.

Octopus 5 code 842.514 is a 5-lumen extension tube with a clamp on each lumen, 5 Bionector and 4 non-return valves. The extension tube without non-return valve (with blue clamp) allows blood sampling.
Length of tubes: 6cm / 6cm / 6cm / 6cm / 6cm / 6cm

Used for central venous catheter care, Octopus 3 has the following advantages:
  • Provides a closed and disinfectable system, with needle-free access
  • Eliminates the need to use a 3-way tap to run 2 or more simultaneous compatible solutions
  • Eliminates the risk of blood spillage
  • Eliminates the risk of air embolism
  • PUR material (no PVC, no DEHP - no release of softeners)

Non-return valves avoid reflux of fluids or drugs beyond the valve during multiple infusions.

Bionector can be disinfected with most of the antiseptic solutions (example: 70% alcohol). Avoid using antiseptic containing both alcohol and hydrogen peroxide.
For more information about Bionector, please refer to technical datasheet code 896.

Octopus with Bionector are also available with 1 lumen (code 5222.014), 2 lumen (codes 841.232/264 - 842.209), 3 lumen (841.364/311/312) and 4 lumen (code 842.414).

  Code Extension tube Int. Ø
Extension tube Ext. Ø
Extension tube Length
Extension tube Prim. vol.
Extension tube Total priming volume
842.514 1.50 (x5) 2.50 (x5) 6 (x5) 0.25 (x5) 1.1
  Extension tube
Code Int. Ø
Ext. Ø
Prim. vol.
Total priming volume
842.514 1.50 (x5) 2.50 (x5) 6 (x5) 0.25 (x5) 1.1
  • Contains Latex: No
  • Contains DEHP: No
  • Contains biogical or animal-based product: No
  • Non-pyrogenic: Yes