PICC and Midline International Placement Pack

Product code: 80199.2214V

PICC placement pack

The kit contains all the instrumentation and accessories that are necessary for the placement of a PICC and allows to carry out the procedure under optimal aseptic conditions.

This set contains:
  • 1 outer wrap 75x90cm,
  • 1 tray 30x20x5cm,
  • 1 gallipot 60ml white,
  • 1 gallipot 60ml red,
  • 2 small size sponge sticks,
  • 10 gauze dressings 10x10cm ORX,
  • 1 needle 18G - 40mm pink,
  • 1 hypodermic needle 21G - 38mm green,
  • 1 hypodermic needle 25G - 16mm orange,
  • 2 10ml pre filled luer-Lock syringes Nacl. 0,9%,
  • 1 5ml Luer-slip syringe,
  • 1peelable PICC drape 240x235cm,
  • 1 silicone tourniquet VENE-K,
  • 1 needle/blade safety protector,
  • 1 size XL standard gown,
  • 1 cover drape 75x90cm,
  • 1 unique gel 20g,
  • 1 probe cover with elastic 15x120cm.

  • Contains Latex: No
  • Contains DEHP: No
  • Contains products of animal or biological origin: No
  • Pyrogen-free: Yes

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