Accueil»An Emergency Symposium dedicated to cardiac arrest management on March 7th

An Emergency Symposium dedicated to cardiac arrest management on March 7th

AV-CCC : Alveolar Ventilation by Continuous Chest Compression : b-card, a successful device

This event will take place at “Novotel Château de Maffliers” near Paris and is already sold out!
b-card “Boussignac Cardiac Arrest Resuscitation Device” is a simple, non-invasive device used for managing cardio-respiratory arrest via Continuous Chest Compression and Continuous Insufflation of Oxygen (CIO) during basic or advanced life support CPR. This device works by facilitating AV-CCC, improving ventilation and heamodynamics. B-card allows continuous chest compression CPR, maintains continuous perfusion pressure, improves venous return. This device reduces the risk of rib and sternum damage, and the risk of alveolus collapse during thoracic compression by preserving Functional Residual Capacity (FRC).


b-card is in line with the latest scientific recommendations on Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation CPR, advocating the minimization of interruptions in chest compression and to ensure the efficacy of oxygenation.

Improved Outcomes:
CIO could improve the outcome of patients with cardiac arrest, as suggested by retrospective data[1]

For this Symposium, Vygon invited a bunch of keynote speakers and globally renowned experts in the field of Continuous insufflation of oxygen as well as Continuous Chest Compression and Ventilation. During this event, various subjects will be approached just as:

  • Continuous insufflation and BLS
  • Clinical practice and 1 year of AV-CCC experience in Belgium
  • Cardiac arrest in the field in the USA
  • Continuous ventilation during CPR: proof of concept
  • Clinical studies outcomes

A video will be uploaded after the Symposium approaching the key points and messages of the event.
To know more about b-card device, here below is an overview of the 2017 congresses where b-card and Vygon will be present:

  • VVS congress in Genk, Belgium: February, 23
  • EMS Today congress in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA: February, 23 to February, 25
  • ISICEM congress in Brussels, Belgium: March, 20 to March, 24
  • EUSEM congress in Athens, Greece: September, 23 to September, 27