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Try our new responsive website

Since August 4th 2014, our website is  optimised for smartphones and tablets.

So, whether you’re browsing our website on your desktop computer or on a smartphone, the page will ‘respond’ by adjusting the design elements to better fit the given space.

Because our website is now responsive, it’s easier than ever before to access product information. 

Happy browsing!



In this sensitive period due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), the health and safety of Vygon’s employees, as well as all of the stakeholders carrying out our activities, is a top priority for us.
Vygon’s goal is to ensure everyone’s protection, whilst maintaining the best levels of service and quick response to our customer’s needs.

As we are acutely aware of our role in the chain of care, we have taken steps to optimize order management.

Recurring scheduled orders will be delivered as usual: we have planned all necessary stock. Exceptional orders (urgent or consisting of very large quantities) are being analyzed in order to best distribute stock amongst all of our customers. As a result, some orders may be fragmented, for the sake of stock control and solidarity. We thank you for your continued support and understanding.

Whilst protecting all of our customers, we will continue to help those who are on the front line fighting this virus: doctors, nurses, all caregivers and, of course, your patients, as we have always done.